Service Acitivity

What do we offer to our clients?

Service & Transfers

Mechanical, electrical, automation of machinery and equipment – service and transfer of production lines.

Manufacture & Assembly

All types of welded and twisted constructions, platforms.

Transport Systems

All types of welded and twisted constructions, platforms.


Spare parts, machine tools and equipment.

New Solutions

Created by our design and construction office (the design on its own or with execution)

Storage Systems

Standard as well as automated.

Transfers of Machinery and Production Lines

  • Preparation and reconciliation of the transfer schedule
  • Organisation of all necessary facilities (trolleys, cranes, necessary staff)
  • Disassembly of machines and preparation for transport (preparation of descriptive documentation facilitating reassembly)
  • Relocation to the designated site and reassembly. If necessary: ​​organisation of subcontractors necessary for the commissioning – ventilation, air conditioning, machine geometry, geodetic work, etc.
  • Preparing machines for final pickups


  • Design, drawing and necessary calculations
  • Execution and delivery (powder coating or spray on site)
  • Assembly (welding or twisting – also works at altitude)

Production Workshops

Production, design and delivery of spare parts for production machines from individual pieces to 100,000 parts

Hardening, cutting (laser, plasma, water), bending, drilling, etc.

Supply of manufacturing materials to production plants (steel, sheet metal, chemical intermediates, etc.)

Electrical Execution Services

Technical projects
Installation of distribution systems, transformer stations, N/N and S/N networks
Modernisation and maintenance of street lighting
Rental of specialised equipment and transportation
External and internal electrical installations for the industrial sector
Illumination of buildings and structures
Installation of lightning protection systems
Concrete electroabrasion